Thursday, August 11, 2011


   Happy to announce that our college has taken up a new venture... Something unique and something special. "THE AGRO- IT PROJECT". 
   The idea is to build a link between our speedily growing IT sector and our traditional (our base) agro sector. The clubbing may seem weird to those who are hearing about it for the first time. But ,we, the future Engineers and our experienced faculties are sure about what we are doing. We have a solid plan, support from eminent personalities among political and social fields, PTA and hundreds of determined minds. What else do we need?
What made us take up this project?
*At this modern era , getting to eat poison-less veggies n fruits are of course precious than gold.
*We boast about our growing techie culture, but what about our agriculture?
*In IT field people work for 8-10 hours and what they get to eat is junk food leaving them sick at their middle            ages.
*As IT sector emerged in our society, our social world split into two by a digital divide. We want our society to be united again.
*Our country's IT sector is mainly based on outsourcing. For stability we have to promote what our country is
 able to, and that is creating green gold, ie, agriculture. So its good time we started thinking about applying our   technologies in the agricultural sector.
* Our main motto is to provide a message to the whole wide word "IT SECURITY THROUGH FOOD SECURITY"

The plan
* 5 acres of barren land will be divided into plots.
* Plantains and other veggies will be planted in those plots.
* Each plot will be taken care of by a group of 15 students and led by 1 faculty.
* No chemicals shall be used for fertilizing or pest control.
* A fest will be conducted which shall be open to the public, as well, and thereby recognizing people with    technical knowledge from among the public.
* Providing fruits and vegetables at subsidiary rates to the students and staffs.
* Developing projects as part of our curriculum to enhance agriculture technologies.
* Perform studies and apply our knowledge in the field of bioinformatics.
*Encourage farming among the public.
* To create a green campus.
*Convey the message "IT SECURITY THROUGH FOOD SECURITY" to the whole of public.

In the presence of
  • Honorable educational minister Sri. Abdu Rabb
  • Honorable agricultural minister Sri. K.P.Mohanan
  • Honorable M.P. Sri. Adv.Sampath.
  • Honorable ex-MLA Sri. Anathalavattom Anandan
  • Honorable Attingal municipality chairperson Smt. S. Kumari
  • Honorable Attingal municipality vice chairman Sri. M.Pradeep.
  • Honorable Attingal municipality opposition leader Sri.P.Unnikrishnan
  • Honorable Attingal municipality Councillor Sri.N.Padmanabhan
         and other eminent personalities.



Posted on Aug 08, 2011 at 11:33am IST
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The hands mechanically attuned to high-end contraptions have begun to sport rakes and shovels with even greater flourish in an engineering college in the district. In a unique venture of its kind, the students of the College of Engineering, Attingal, have resolved to use the hitherto unused campus land to brandish their agricultural skills.
An agricultural field measuring up to five acres has already been readied for sowing on the campus.
The project is being launched with a view to promote the concept of food and health security among the students. The entire field has been dug and tilled by the students and shallow trenches have been prepared for planting vegetables. The total land has been divided into separate blocks measuring 15 square metres and each block will be maintained by a student group of ten members and one staff.
"The mode of farming will be completely organic. The essential idea of the whole project is to produce toxic-free vegetables and supply it to the society,’’ says Saji Kumar T V, lecturer in Electronics.
The farming will be focused mainly on vegetables and plantains in the beginning. Experts from Agriculture Department will be consulted in the selection of hybrid seeds from multiple varieties. Compost cattle manure and green leaves will be used for manuring.
The students have also devised drip system for irrigation. The field will be surrounded by PVC water pipes with perforations through which water will seep into the field on a consistent basis.
The first yield from the field will be supplied to the students of the college at a subsidy rate. The rest will be made available to the public with the help of Horticulture Mission. "One of our aims is to bridge the digital divide between the engineering students and the public. With such an initiative, students will frequently get in touch with the public. Also, even after leaving college, they can carry on with the initiative,’’ says Saji Kumar.
The students have already a fund worth Rs 2 lakh for the scheme. They have been turning up in the college earlier than usual. Besides, they also spend two hours in the evening on the field. Although they have to compromise a bit on their playground, the students have no issues. "We are not at all bothered about our playground. This is going to be such an exciting endeavour,’’ they say.
�The project will be officially inaugurated on Thursday at 4 pm.